Waldorf Kids
Inspired by the popular Waldorf Dolls from Germany.

The meaning of her name is
She's a one of a kind Waldorf inspired doll, ready for instant purchase.
Iris is 18" tall with a ruddish pink skin tone, blue eyes and rainbow colored hair. She's a cutie with her little crooked smile and rosey nose.. She's made from doe suede fabric and stuffed with cotton stuffing. Her head is firm while her body and arms are soft and flexable. 

I've been sold...
Iris is wearing a handmade 2 pc outfit that includes a soft and fuzzy rainbow jacket sweater and a sleeveless dress. Her dress is covered in little rainbow colored flowers with flower buttons running down the front. It has a rounded collar, is fully lined and closes in the back with velcro. Her soft sweater jacket ties at the neckline with satin ribbon ties. 
She's wearing white ankle socks, a pair of light blue mary jane shoes and a pair of white cotton panties with a lacey behind...
Her hair is a rainbow of colors, worn in high pigtails full of loose, bouncy curls with curly bangs. 
Iris is cute and cuddly, and one of a kind...
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All of the Waldorf Kids have cute little blushed buns and a Karens Kids logo.