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My name is Karen Challender and I've been making handmade dolls for over 30 years. I make dolls of every race, including African American Dolls, Asian Dolls, BiRacial Dolls,
Caucasian Dolls, Latino Dolls and Native American Dolls. 
Page down to see pictures of many of the dolls with links to their pages.  You can also custom order a doll with the eye, hair, hairdo and outfit you'd like. See info on custom made doll's below.
The ready made doll's are one of a kind dolls.. Once they've been sold, they're no longer available. 
Each doll has it's own little personality. Most are smiling but some suck their thumbs or their binkies. Thumbs and binkies are attached with velcro so they can be easily removed from the face to dress your doll. 
Little Thelma and Friends
These cuties are just like the original doll, only 16" tall rather than 20" tall. Lil Thelma was recently cast as the doll in the 2007 movie release
"Gone, Baby, Gone" 
directed by Ben Affleck
Starring Cassey Affleck, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman and more.
  All the kids come complete with a cute little outfit that match their individual personalities... They come complete with either shoes, slippers or a blankie, depending on their outfit. Some of their clothes are store purchased and some are handmade. Each doll gives a description of their outfit.
Little Thelma and Friends
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The original 20" doll's can wear 
Preemie sized clothing or newborn sized clothing, depending on the make. They can also wear doll clothes made for 20" soft body dolls. These doll's are perfect for any age doll lover. 
The yarn hair has "knotted roots" which make it pretty impossible for little ones to pull the hair out.  The "kids" are very soft and have no dangerous parts making them perfect for the littlest doll lover.
Their arms and legs are sewn in place, no joints are used.

Ready made dolls are available in both 16" and 20" size. They are securely packaged and normally sent within 24-48 hours.. 

Read about custom made handicapable doll's!
 Special Angel Doll's
They can be ordered from the 
Special Angel Custom Order Form 
Waldorf Inspired Kids are now available!

 I offer a fast, secure method of purchasing the dolls using "Add to Cart" buttons, which will take you to my secure shopping cart.
If you'd rather pay by mail, please email me for address info. 
Please note:
All merchandise paid with personal checks will be held until the check has cleared your bank. 
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Karens KidsBaby DollsLil Kids and Special Angel Dolls can also be custom ordered.
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The "kids" are made from soft craft velour or doe suede, are stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill and have yarn hair. They stand 20" tall (about the size of a newborn baby), are soft, cuddly and cute as a button. They have hand embroidered faces and soft sculpture  fingers, toes, belly buttons and knees. Their soft body's and faces make them cuddly soft, just like a real kid!
I make each doll personally with tons of TLC!
Extra outfits for your dolls! 
Sweet Pea Doll Clothes
to see them all!
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Karens Kids are made in America, with Love...
Not Lead!!!
16", 18" and 20" Karens Kids
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Karens Kids are also available in 16" Lil Kid size. 
Asian Dolls
Biracial Dolls
African American Dolls
Caucasian Dolls
Latino Dolls
Lil Kids
Waldorf Dolls
Sweet Pea Girls
Customized 18" vinyl dolls, much like American Girl dolls.
Just as nice, at a sweeter price!
Each doll is one of a kind.
New dolls are added in the fall.
18" American Girl
20" Karens Kids
14" Little Mommy
15" Bitty Baby
16" Lil Kids
15" Bitty Twins
14" Corolle Mon Bebe
Vintage Chatty Cathy
12" Corolle Tidoo
13" Gotz Muffin
15" Gotz Maxy Muffin
18" Fancy Nancy
Corolle Les Cherie
Hearts 4 Hearts